Call for papers


Call for papers

The theme of the conference is “Emerging ideas in masculinity research”.

The conference committee welcomes proposals addressing a wide range of topics. We encourage submissions of papers and posters that  presents knowledge from your research, projects, teaching or practical work.

The conference languages will be English and Scandinavian languages. The abstracts should be written in the language it will be presented.

Deadline to submit abstracts is November 15th 2013

Acceptance of papers will be sent before December 15th 2013

Submissions for papers and posters are welcome. Both kinds of submissions will be subject to the same reviewing process.

Abstract and paper review board:

Arnar Gíslason

Ásta Jóhannsdóttir

Hugrún R. Hjaltadóttir

Ingólfur V. Gíslason

Thomas Brorsen Smidt

Þórður Kristinsson

Abstract submission closed

Submission guidelines:

1.    The first named author should be the presenting author.
2.    All correspondence will be addressed to the first author.
3.    List only the institutional affiliation of the first author.
4.    The abstract should include background followed by objective(s), brief description of methods
       (participants and measures), results and a conclusion. These sections should not be
       boldfaced or underlined.
5.    The abstract title should include key words describing its content.
6.    All abstracts should be in English, Danish, Norwegian or Swedish.
7.    The authors may edit their abstract before the submission deadline.

Abstract format:

1.    Title should be in bold mixed case letters
2.    The authors names and initials (e.g. L. Hensen, K. Lahti, G. K. Jónsdóttir and E., Johansson).
3.    Full address of the institutional affiliation of the first author.
4.    The entire abstract should be single spaced.
5.    Standard abbreviations are accepted. Otherwise spell out the term when first introduced.
6.    The maximum length of the abstract text should be 2000 characters (with spaces). Preferably
       using the font Times New Roman 12p in a Word document.

Poster format:

Maximum size of posters: height 120 cm, width 90 cm

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