Thursday 05.06. (12:30-14:30)

Askja 120      Indigenous Masculinities              Chair: Bryndís E. Valdemarsdóttir

Indigenous Masculinities in North America-Bimaadiziwin Indigenous Masculinities

Kim Anderson

Indigenous gang members ex-posed

Robert Henry

Inspired Minds and Indigenous Masculinities

Allison Piché

Female Masculinity and Affective Power

Lisa Tatonetti

Askja 121      Men at Work                                  Chair: Bergljót Þrastardóttir

Reproducing inequality: white-collar men in contemporary China

Derek Hird

Negotiating Masculinity and Work in the Supermarket

Kristina Johansson

From macho to modern? Exploring changing masculinities in forestry

Malin Lindberg

Stress, coping and help-seeking among male farmers: a gender analysis

Philippe Roy

“Undoing blue collar masculinity in the Swedish mining industry – challenges for companies and

local society”

Eira Andersson and Lena Abrahamsson

Askja 128      Politics                                 Chair: Svandís Anna Sigurðardóttir

Political and Transnational Business Masculinities in Flux and Strain: Lessons from the Icelandic Financial Collapse 2008

Þorgerður Einarsdóttir and Gyða Margrét Pétursdóttir

Feeling rules in politics: Regulating masculinities

Marjo Kolehmainen

The populist Timo Soini as a representative of working class masculinity

Erkka Railo

Askja 129      The Affective Turn             Chair: Ingólfur Ásgeir Jóhannesson

The Affective Politics of Awkward Masculinity

Todd W. Reeser

Happy objects, happy men?

Magnus Åberg and Maria Hedlin

Affective things and the production of masculinities in museums

Arndís Bergsdóttir

Askja 130      Young Men                           Chair: Tanja Joelsson

Young men: mobile and successful – local and unsuccessful

Minna Nikunen

Emotion management among Swedish adolescent boys

Eva Randell

“Its all about respect man!”: Beyond male role models, gender identities and work with young men

Michael R.M Ward

The body in work: Becoming a respectable (male) social educator

Randi Andersen and Marianne Brodersen

Askja 131      The Male Body                    Chair: Christian Veske

Upright and independent: Sculpting modern men in early 20th century Iceland

Valdimar Tr. Hafstein. Speaker: Sæbjörg Freyja Gísladóttir

Bourgeois Aesthetics and Male Physicality in Post-Colonial Iceland

Ólafur Rastrick

“When there's no underbrush the tree looks taller”: A discourse analytical examination of how men account for genital grooming

Matthew Hall

“I don’t want to be thin”: The minimisation of obesity in research interviews with men who were participating in weight management programmes

Sarah Seymour-Smith

Askja 132      Comparing Care Policies and Practice           Chair: Kristín Ástgeirsdóttir

Fatherhood in the Nordic Welfare states: comparing care policies and practice

Guðný Björk Eydal et al.

Nordic family law: New framework – new fatherhoods

Hrefna Friðriksdóttir

Fathering as a learning process. Breaking new grounds in familiar territory

Steen Baagoe Nielsen

Negotiating leave in the workplace: Leave practices and masculinity constructions among Danish fathers

Lotte Bloksgaard

Caring fathers and parental leave in prosperous times and times of crisis-the case of Iceland

Guðný Björk Eydal and Ingólfur Gíslason

Thursday 05.06. (15:00-17:00)

Askja 120      Arts and Literature                      Chair: Úlfar Bragason

The apartment-gender studies

Magnús Jensson

Male friendship in Fóstbræðra saga and Gerpla

Úlfar Bragason

Marking Masculinity: On the Work of Hrafnkell Sigurðsson

Hlynur Helgason

One picture tells more than thousand words

Hrafnkell Sigurðsson

Askja 121      Military and Global Masculinities          Chair: Irma Erlingsdóttir

Masculinities in the Norwegian Armed Forces

Ulla-Britt Lilleaas and Dag Ellingsen

Militarized Masculinity and Peacebuilding

Guðrún Sif Friðriksdóttir

Exploring the Role of Men as Practitioners within the Gender and Development Paradigm in International Development

Sarah Baldwin

Young Men's Agency in Challenging Gendered Social Practices. Case Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

Maria Väkiparta

Askja 128      Changing Masculinities                 Chair: Michael Drake

Making friends. Understanding changing (?) intimacies in friendships between men

Klara Goedecke

Rebellious Tailors and Wonder Boys-Male Fashion Designers in Finnish Fashion Magazines

Tiina Mäntymäki and Anne Soronen

“I’m METRO NOT gay”: A discursive analysis of “metrosexual” men’s online accounts of their (masculine) appearance practices

Brendan Gough

Changing masculinity ideals in a Danish context

Lotte Bloksgaard and Ann-Dorte Christensen

Askja 129      Men and Health                             Chair: Philippe Roy

“Overcoming the mental hurdle”: Affective explanations in the vasectomy decision making process

Gareth Terry

Focusing on positive aspects of masculinity to prevent suicide in research and social marketing campaigns

Philippe Roy

Impotent, ignorant and infantile: Media representations of Male Health Problems

Stina Backman

Psychosocial intervention model for more traditional men

Gilles Tremblay

Making smoking cessation programs work for dads: putting gender into health promotion

Joan Bottorff

Askja 130      Family Work Balance                    Chair: Tryggvi Hallgrímsson

Strategies for work-life balance among Norwegian middle-class parents

Kari Stefansen and Margunn Bjørnholt

Nurturing, breadwinning and upbringing: Paternal responsibilities by Finnish men in early fatherhood

Petteri Eerola

Polish immigrants’ use and understandings of Norwegian work-family benefits

Margunn Bjørnholt and Kari Stefansen

Henpecked Husbands and Power Women? Negotiating Masculinity, Power and Status Relations within the Heterosexual Couple

Anna Sofie Bach

Askja 131      Confronting Violence                    Chair: Arnar Gíslason

Second-wave feminist approaches to male violence against women. A critical reconsideration

Sólveig Anna Bóasdóttir

Masculine Power and Pariah Femininity: Individual and Collective Response to Sexual Violence

Gyða Margrét Pétursdóttir and Þorgerður Einarsdóttir

Constructing Masculinities from Contradictory Experiences of Power

Cassandra Jones

Deep and almost unbearable suffering: consequences of childhood sexual abuse for men’s health and well-being

Sigrún Sigurðardóttir

Askja 132      The Role of Men in Gender Equality                 Chair: Hjálmar Sigmarsson

The role of men in gender equality: Changing gender relations and men’s role in education

Elli Scambor

Role of men in gender equality: Men at work-change, no-change and possibilities for care models of work

Jeff Hearn

Role of men in gender equality: Men’s health – an issue of gender equality

Alan White

Role of men in gender equality: Framing the involvement of men in gender equality in Europe: between institutionalised and non-institutionalised politics

Katarzyna Wojnicka

Friday 06.06. (09:00-11:00)

Askja 120      Masculiniteter i Nord                    Chair: Rósa Erlingsdóttir

Trofejakt i Arktis-en reise i polar maskulinitet?

Lena Aarekol

Relasjonelle maskuliniteter i nord? Nordnorsk selfangst (1819-1911)-kunnskap, materialitet og nettverk

Mariann Mathisen

Maskulinisering av nord - CANCELLED

Marit Anne Hauan

‘’A construction of an accepted masculinity?’’ Castration in High Security Psychiatric Institutions in Norway from 1923-45

Eivind Myhre

Askja 121      Ability and Manhood                     Chair: Bergljót Þrastardóttir

“We’re still men anyway or what’s left of it”: Interpretations of old age and gender in the experiences of old men”

Karoliina Ojanen

„Courage, fitness, energy and bravery“ Masculinity and intellectual disabilities.

Kristín Björnsdóttir

Talking about taboo-Photo-elicitation in interviews on male infertility

Pernille Faxe

Infant masculinities and human flourishment, or the beginning of the story

Maria De Eguia Huerta

Askja 128      North-South Engagement 1          Chair: Gyða Margrét Pétursdóttir

Engaging South African and Finnish youth towards new traditions of non-violence, equality and social well-being

Jeff Hearn

Putting Ourselves (the Researchers) in the Picture

R. Pattman and Katarina Jungar

Going in the “man’s school”? Non-heterosexual and transgender youth choosing military service in Finland

J. Lehtonen

Why are gender based violence programmes aimed at poor black young people: the material reality and symbolic construction of race in post-apartheid South Africa

M. Botha

Askja 129      Men in History                    Chair: Irma Erlingsdóttir

Men as midwives in Iceland

Erla Doris Halldórsdóttir

Swinging against the Uniform. Popular Dance and the Male Image in the 1930/40s

Anett Holzheid

History as a Masculine Self-Object

Marja Jalava

Just two men smoking the pipes: “Fänrik Stål”

Mika Hallila

Askja 130      Theory and Practice                      Chair: Tryggvi Hallgrímsson

From a hegemonic politics of masculinity to a politics of intimacy and vulnerability? Ways of imagining through Karen Barad’s work.

Ulf Mellström

In the atelier of the sociologist: Two versions of Bourdieu’s Masculine Domination

Miklós Hadas

The Subjection of Men?

Hannes Hólmsteinn Gissurarson

The Location of Masculinities: Connell versus Bourdieu

Miklós Hadas

Modern men, then and now

Margunn Bjørnholt

Askja 131      Men and Feminism             Chair: Þórður Kristinsson

“Men-streaming” of the women's movement? Men in the field of Gender Equality in Iceland

Arnar Gíslason

Young Feminist Men in Iceland

Hjálmar Gunnar Sigmarsson

Involving Men into Gender Equality Initiatives

Christian Veske

Deconstructing Hegemonic Masculinity Discourses in Botswana

Molefe Coper Joseph

Askja 132      Fatherhood 1                       Chair: Ilana Aalto

Skilte fedre-omsorg, mestring og livskvalitet

Knut Oftung

Father Taboo

Sveinn Eggertsson

Nowhere to stay with my child: Evaluation of a resource for fathers and their children

Gilles Tremblay

Post-divorce fatherhood, family professionals and gender-attitudes as a lens

Leena Autonen-Vaaraniemi

Transnational men negotiating their gendered role through fatherhood

Árdís Kristín Ingvarsdóttir


Friday 06.06. (12:30-14:30)

Askja 120      Masculinities, Aggression and the Conflict Resolution
                      in Early Modern North             Chair:
Ingólfur Ásgeir Jóhannesson

Aggressive Masculinities and Conflict Resolution in the Early Modern Russian North

Marianna Muravyeva

Managing Modern Masculinities at the Margins of Empire

Kirk Arden Hoppe

Male Magicians from the North in Demonological Literature from the South

Johannes Dillinger

Askja 121      Business Masculinities                  Chair:Hjálmar Sigmarsson

Naturalising Privilege and Upholding Inequalities in the Estonian Labour Market: Narratives of Estonian Male Managers

Kadri Aavik

Power without magic-a study of executive skills and gender

Lotta Snickare

Creating Difference While Bridging Distance. The Construction of Local Business Masculinities in Transnational Corporations

Helen Peterson

French policies in gender equality and its perception in a men’s field : The example of supply chain companies

Haude Rivoal

Askja 128      North-South Engagement 2          Chair:Þórður Kristinsson

Deconstructing representations of men in research on intergenerational, transactional sex in Southern contexts

T. Shefer

Relocating marginality to the centre of research and theory of masculinities in the South

K. Ratele

A case in studying privilege: Constructions of masculinity and male sexuality through talk of buying sex amongst a sample of South African men

M. Huysamen and Floretta Boonzaier

Southern men in a feminist classroom: Male students in an introduction to gender studies course at the University of the Western Cape

L. Clowes

Askja 129      Education 1     Chair: Steen Baagøe Nielsen and Kevin Holger Mogensen

Unge imellem uddannelser – identificeringer, strategier og tilblivelser

Steen Baagøe Nielsen and Anne Mia Steno

Pedagogical working conditions for the technical teachers – expectations of masculinity as a risk factor

Henrik Hersom

"Elever uden chancer"

Trine Wulf-Andersen and Lene Larsen

Brobygning i uddannelse: Hierarkier i institutionel og faglig brobygning - CANCELLED

Signe Hvid Thingstrup

Askja 130      Antifeminism and Xenophobia               Chair: Þorgerður Einarsdóttir

Waves of freedom and moves to innocence

Gyða Margrét Pétursdóttir and Þorgerður Einarsdóttir

Re(creating) nationalism and whiteness in the greaser culture in Sweden

Tanja Joelsson

Crisis in the hegemonic bloc: The radicalisation of marginalised men

Russell Luyt

How to counter Anti-Feminism and Xenophobia: Results and Experiences from an Expert Seminar

Ole Bredesen Nordfjell

Askja 131      Masculinity studies              Chair: Ásta Jóhannsdóttir

Legitimizing Men’s Studies. The Case of Finland, ca. 1986–2012

Ilana Aalto

Going Beyond Frontiers, Interculture-Action to Better Advance Studies on Men and Masculinities

Gilles Tremblay

“Intuitive strategies”: a contribution to the challenge of including masculinities at the implementation level of gender equality politics

Maria De Eguia Huerta

Askja 132      Fatherhood 2              Chair: Kristín Ástgeirsdóttir

Conceiving a child: Men’s perceptions of predisposing conditions

Pascale de Montigny Gauthier

Fathers as gendered beings and parents in ‘father friendly’ Sweden

Tobias Axelsson

The Gendered Parenting of Political Leaders

Joakim Johansson

Unemployment, domestic labour and fairness

Ingólfur V. Gíslason


Friday 06.06. (15:00-17:00)

Askja 120      Doing Masculinity              Chair: Bryndís E. Valdemarsdóttir

Heterosexual masculinity in Finnish online dating ads

Anne Holappa

On the road to sustainable mobility: shared space, conflicts and micro-politics in everyday traffic interaction

Dag Balkmar

Rocky Mountain Firefighter: A Psychological Ethnography

Lucas J. Trout

Masculinities and gendered status hierarchies in cooking

Nicklas Neuman

Askja 121      Self and Identity                 Chair: Arnar Gíslason

The overloaded self. Self construction among young girls and boys in an individualized performance culture - CANCELLED

Niels Ulrik Sørensen

Perception and Creation of Male Identity by Men Exercising at the Gym in Poland

Tatiana Maciejewska

The Oneness With Computers-Nerdy Masculinity and Other Identities in ICT-Research

Fredrik Sjögren

Askja 128      Masculinity and Pop Culture                   Chair: Hugrún R. Hjaltadóttir

From Hard Bodies to Soft Daddies The Single Father Hero In Contemporary American Action Films

Anne Gjelsvik

Performing masculinities in Reykjavik’s singer-songwriter folk scene

Michael S. Drake

The TV-Chef as Social Entrepreneur: Gender and Gastro-Governmentality in Celebrity Chef’s Food Campaigning

Jonatan Leer

The Intouchables. Intersectional approach to disability and gender

Kristín Björnsdóttir

Askja 129      Education 2      Chair: Steen Baagøe Nielsen and Kevin Holger Mogensen

Boys’ Problems in Education – How to Explore the Institutional Context?

Nanna Friche and Christian Helms Jørgensen

Avoiding trouble in school-young men's rebellious practices of disidentification

Kevin Holger Mogensen

A comparison of Best Practices for Enhancing the Teaching & Learning of Minority Boys & Girls in Single-Sex Classrooms

Douglas Gosse

From Elite School to Ruling Elite: The Narcissistic Economies of Elite Schools and the Production of Masculinities

Debbie Epstein

Askja 130      Hegemonic Ideas                Chair: Árdís Kristín Ingvarsdóttir

Men's hegemony in their diversity? Case Hautala and social media

Jiri Nieminen

“Macho risk-taking men with big egos and profit-no-matter-what thinking”: Pre and Post-Crash Discourses in Iceland

Helga Björnsdóttir, James Rice and Kristín Loftsdóttir

Women’s view on masculinities in innovation

Malin Lindberg

Askja 131      Queer Masculinity              Chair: Svandís Anna Sigurðardóttir

Queer (queering) masculinities: Manifestations of masculinities of young gay Icelanders

Jón Ingvar Kjaran and Ingólfur Ásgeir Jóhannesson

Healthy Homosexualities

Brian Kavanagh

“Sissy” boys, gender non-conformity and fear of effeminacy: Reflecting on the significance of queer and transgender perspectives on masculinities and embodiment

Wayne J. Martino

Billedernes mobilitet: om det visuelle i homoseksuelle kulturer

Susanne Regener

Askja 132      Fatherhood 3            Chair: Ingólfur V. Gíslason

Reading Regimes and Fatherhood in Contemporary People’s Education

Lena Karlsson

Parental and paternity leaves in Switzerland. Is fatherhood a public or a private issue?

Isabel Valarino

“I'm their genitor, not their father”: motivations and experiences of men who offer their sperm on Websites

Kévin Lavoie

Social Reproduction of Masculinities: Lithuanian Men’s Procreational Intentions and Preferences for Their Future Children’s Gender - CANCELLED

Vaida Tretjakova


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